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IMG_3497 Michael Patti is a composer for media in Los Angeles. He contributed original music scores for Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft 2, and Riot Games’ League of Legends.

Michael is also the co-founder of sample library developer company Cinesamples, where they develop and distribute sample library instruments to composers around the world. He is also co-founder of Hollywood Scoring, a next-generation music production company in Los Angeles, created to offer the legendary musical resources of Hollywood to the world of new media.


Where’s the Orchestra

Notes on Film Music, Orchestration and Sampling

Composer’s Workshop – Musician Interviews

At Cinesamples and Hollywood Scoring, we released a video series where we interview several of our friends in the music scoring industry of Los Angeles.

In this first set we cover Horn (Dylan Hart), Trumpet (Rob Schaer), Tuba (Doug Tornquist), Flute (Amy Tatum), Clarinet (Phil O’Connor), Violin (Mark Robertson) and Cello (David Low).

The purpose of this series is to:
1) Remind ourselves why we got into music in the first place, and discuss the benefits of live music in our music productions.
2) Discuss the idiomatic functions of each instrument and take that information to help us create the most effective mockups.

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